The Medical Advisory Service is a charity, set up by nurses, in 1986. We run helplines, operated by specially trained nurses - able to advise on many aspects of health/patient care.

If you or perhaps your potential customers have an anxiety or query a health care issue MAS can guide callers in the right direction to obtain the care/help they might need. We do not offer a "telephone diagnosis" but we can give sound, practical and helpful advice. Treatments and medicines available in the NHS are growing and developing at a fast rate. MAS helps callers to find their way through the system.

In addition, we are in contact with providers of health insurance and private medical care. Again, information can be can be given on availability and cost of private care/treatment. With this information, callers can make informed decision, with the support of their GP on where it might be best to seek treatment if appropriate.

MAS - and other organisations:

We can advise on the many associations, voluntary organisations and charities dealing with a wide range of diseases, disabilities and everyday health problems. We are in touch with many of them on a regular basis, both updating our information on the services they offer and putting people in contact with them for expert advice.

MAS - and other Health Care Professionals:

Understanding the role of pharmacists and GPs in today's NHS is key to obtaining an efficient service from them. Our nurses can help explain the role and range of services provided by different staff in the NHS - thus assisting callers to use them effectively and helpfully.

MAS - and Emergencies:

MAS is here to provide advice and information - is NOT an emergency medical Service. Callers with an emergency medical problem should either contact: NHS DIRECT on 0845 4647 Or access emergency services via 999 It is always helpful to have your doctors (GP) surgery number near your phone in case of a problem.

MAS - working with us:

We warmly welcome enquiries from any organisation (pharmaceutical governmental etc) or other charities who feel that an independent, professionally run helpline might help in their work by:

MAS - our nurses:

Our nurses are the heart of the charity. We currently have nearly 40 nurses working with us all over the UK on a variety of helpline projects. All highly qualified and professional - some have worked with MAS for nearly 15 years UNIQUE to MAS - most of our nurses are recruited through the Work Injured Nurses Group of the Royal College of Nursing. Disability or illness preventing their caring for patients in a clinical way in the NHS, we retrain them to work on helpline projects, they then continue to work with patients using their years of experience and knowledge.