How the Medical Advisory Service can assist your charity, company or organisation

Never since the inception of the NHS have so many changes taken place so quickly, not only in the care that has been provided and how it is funded, but also in the profile of the population receiving the care and the technology at our disposal.

Today, consumers of medical services, the man and women in the street, have access to vast amounts of information via the internet, television and newsprint. Treatments for illnesses are now available which - only a few years ago - were hardly dreamed of. The pace of modern life has brought with it syndromes and diseases which were unheard of or didn't exist a generation ago.

One aspect of medical care has not changed however. When we are ill or lose a loved one we need clear explanations of why we are ill and what can be done to help us in a language we can understand. In addition we often need reassurance - time to talk through our problems.

MAS is the human communication connection that links charities, companies organisations, and the public.


Many charities grapple with the issue of splitting their expenditure between research and salaries/overheads. Even if there are sufficient funds available finding nurses with the right qualifications and experience can be a time consuming affair, time that could be better spent in other areas.

We currently have nearly 40 nurses working with us all over the UK on a variety of helpline projects. All highly qualified and professional - some have worked with MAS for nearly 15 years uniquely to MAS - most of our nurses are recruited through the Work Injured Nurses Group of the Royal college of Nursing. Disability or illness preventing their caring for patients in a clinical way in the NHS, we retrain them to work on helpline projects, they then continue to work with patients using their years of experience and knowledge.

The prime aim of your helpline may be to give help and support to those with a related illness or problem. It is also an excellent way to increase awareness and raise funds for your charity.


The trend for healthy eating has ballooned beyond everyone's expectations. From the early days of pro-active and pro-biotic foods MAS has been working with companies as an integral part of their marketing strategy to educate and inform the general public and coordinate a related helpline service.

The average time from concept to launch is approximately three months, although we can, and do, set up emergency lines within days.

If you have an urgent requirement to set up a helpline contact us on this number: 020 8995 8503


There is nothing new in the idea that nurses are adept at giving information to patients, neither is it surprising that patients find it easier to talk to nurses and view their help as being more accessible.

MAS nurses are in an excellent position to assist organisations as an independent provider of information and support when required. Problems DO arise in life. MAS nurses have been trained to listen, have a professional ethic to respect confidences, can be trusted. and will always give as much time as necessary to reassure a caller.

The role of the nurse as educator, counsellor, opinion former and, above all, as a listening communicator is well recognised. This extended role of the nurse, with supportive, professional preparation and back up, highlights a commitment to quality care that is responsive to patients' needs and nursing trends. We aim to promote and extend this role at the Medical Advisory Service.

We can advise on the many associations, voluntary organisations and charities dealing with a wide range of diseases, disabilities and everyday health problems. We are in touch with many of them on a regular basis, both updating our information on the services they offer and putting people in contact with them for expert advice.


For further information on how MAS can assist your business, company or organisation please contact us: